Auto Makers Will Pay Cash for your Junk

Getting cash for your vehicle these days can be quite a circus. Detroit automakers have had a very difficult time making ends meet over the last few years, but did you know that the Japanese are getting hit even harder by our current recession? Places like Mazda, Mitsubishi, and Suzuki are struggling in the U.S. market as they try to remain significant in American sales.

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It is not surprising that most of us can only name a few Japanese made brands, but the least known are the ones that are doing the worst. Everyone is familiar with Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, and Honda, but they often forget about the three smaller companies. Even with all of the advertising, people don’t know what those manufacturers stand for or even if their products are any good. If I ask, “What do you know about the Miata?” The answer is, “Zoom, zoom, zoom?” What about reliability? Have you heard anything remarkable about a Suzuki lately? The key to sales is marketing, value, and cost effectiveness. I could sell a bunch of mediocre products for a supposedly great deal, but once word gets around that my product is a complete failure, I’m going to lose business. On the other hand, if I have an amazing value in both cost and reliability, but I do not succeed in advertising, I’m still going to lose. Even in an economy that is booming, if you do not promote your merchandise, how is anyone going to know about it? There are teenagers on youtube that know how to endorse themselves and make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year posting entertaining videos that cost them absolutely nothing, apart from the initial investment of a camera and a computer. You would think with some of the greatest minds in marketing, supposedly, these multibillion dollar companies would know how to target consumers during these difficult times. Here are some pointers if you are looking for ways to market your car.

The fastest way dealerships are able to make money for your vehicle is by selling family sedans, as shocking as that may be. These are in high demand because the majority of people need a basic, reliable mode of transportation. The fact that they tend to be inexpensive helps out a lot. If you are trying to make money on your vehicle, you should focus on the pros versus the cons when making an ad. If the first thing I read is, “this baby has lots of dents and dings, but she runs awesome,” I’m not going to look at the rest. The line about it being cosmetically challenged should have been inserted near the end of the description, or at least in the middle paragraph, so that there is a greater chance that with all of the positive narrative prior someone will be interested. Make sure you’ve cleaned out the interior by not only picking up the garbage, but by giving it a good vacuum, treating stains, shampooing the upholstery, and wiping down the dash. Take decent pictures, too. I find poor camera phone shots taken with bad lighting all of the time online. I don’t know if I’m looking at a station wagon or a trailer sometimes. Try to avoid those awkward angles. Trucks and vans meant for work duty sell steadily no matter what time of the year it is, but if you have a convertible, you may want to hold onto it until the sun is going to be out. If it is in demand, people will be willing to pay you more. The hardest one is the collector, but they can also sell for the most. It takes patience to find the right buyer.
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