Do you have a removal service that you can rely on? Too busy to take care of disposing the vehicle? Then let us help you with your problem. We at Junk Car Dallas would be happy to take away that car that you would like to dispose. With the normal way of disposing a car, you would need a shop or scrap yard to take the car to. Then you would need to hire a tow truck to pull the truck off your lawn or out of your garage or, if you are short on cash, you would use your brand new vehicle to tow the car. We wouldn’t want you doing that in any way sh

Junk Car Removal Dallas

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But that would not be the case with us, we would not even cost you a single cent (maybe just for the call). In fact, we would be putting money in your pockets. We would pay you for letting us dispose of your vehicle.  Doesn’t that sound great!  We would actually come pick your vehicle for free and pay you enough money to put down on another vehicle, or take your girlfriend/wife out on a date, or make one of your credit card payments.  We will make sure that your satisfaction is guaranteed and that you get off the phone happy and smiling.  All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call to make that happen.  Your smile will never leave your face.

Because we know you are short on cash, we will take that car away for you using our own tow trucks. Because we offer free towing we are able to pay the most in town.  The painful and scrutinizing process of getting rid of your vehicle would be solved without you spending anything at all, not even a dime. Your brand new car would be safe and your garage would be cleaner. The best part is you can now keep other things stored rather than a big pile of metal, that is just going to stick around in there and rust. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, a nice new space in your garage or garden and a bundle of cash to spend with, what else could be better.

Stop browsing other internet sites and call us right now to get you set up with a pickup.  We can give you the highest appraisal bid for your car in the area. Our expert would give you a price that you would really be crazy not to take. All these deals would be over in just a couple of minutes after your call.

So the whole process could be over if you just call us right now. Our team could of been knocking at your door in a few minutes from now, if you had already contacted us. carrying with them the payment promised for your car.

So quit flipping that telephone directory and call us right now. The perfect car removal service in the area.

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