A lot of people ask about why they should get rid of their car. There are a variety of reasons, but here is a creative answer based on some entertaining facts.

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According to a recent poll on what makes you feel attractive, cars are the latest and greatest aphrodisiac. The study revealed that 50 percent of young people stated that driving a nice car made them feel sexy. It also showed that 40% of females, no matter what age, believed they were more alluring when they drove an expensive vehicle. They claimed it caused a boost in self confidence and that they received more attention from the opposite sex while pulling up in something pricey.

As it turns out, only 29% of those polled were content with the captivating factor of their current ride and wished they could get rid of it to get something more appealing. I wish they knew about my company because I want to buy your car, no matter how degrading it is. Even if it spews out low self-esteem from its muffler, I still want it! Sell me a car that isn’t complimenting and get something fresh because people are judged by what they drive these days more often than not.

Another poll revealed which car a celebrity would be if they had not been born as humans. It came as no surprise that Alanis Morissette was rated as a Toyota Prius and Ryan Gosling was listed as a Ford Mustang. Buying a car that fits your personality and screams out the image you want to display is a thought provoking process. I didn’t realize how much emotion we can tie up into choosing what will define us when we are on our way to the grocery store or heading out for a night at the club.

Once you decide on which vehicle fits you the best, then you have even more options to personalize it further. I’m talking about body kits, aftermarket grills and exhaust systems, license plate frames, altezza tail lights, and projection headlights. You can add window tint, chrome molding, buy seat covers, floor mats, L.E.D. strips to illuminate your interior, colored bulbs to your dome light, and pin striping on your exterior. The latest craze is window decals. You can order them to read anything you want and they are so affordable. This is one of the cheapest ways to personalize the ride you bought after you had to sell your vehicle to get it. After you have invested into those details, you’ll probably want to install an alarm system in order to keep it out of the hands of a jealous passerby.

Forget eating all of those strawberries, oysters, and chocolates to try and stimulate your confidence levels in the areas of romance. We will buy your car and you can use the cash we pay you to make a down payment on something new, sleek and captivating. If you don’t think you are presenting the right image after reading this article, go ahead and contact us about getting that eye sore gone.

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